Friday, July 10, 2009

Bocce, Bocce, and More Bocce

For father's day we gave dad the game of Bocce. Basically that is all we do this summer is play!! We are Bocce champs now!
We are totally ready to play!
It was Mom and Dad

versus Jer and Shar!

Then we went to Layton and played Bocce with Theron and Fran!

Wow look how close!! But the yellow was Fran & Shari's team!! Yahoo!

We went to Provo and played Bocce with Jenny & Jodi- No worries there is still much more summer to keep playing!

The Baby Changer

Theron, Jer's dad, made this baby changer 28 years ago when they were getting ready to have Stacey. They used it on all seven children. All it needed was a little refinishing, and Jer and I will use it for our baby!! We are so excited! It turned out pretty nice too!