Sunday, May 10, 2009

The triathlon/biathlon

So the morning of the triathlon, we had a little bit of a wind issue, so they cancelled the swim. Jer and Allyn were a little bit disappointed, but they did so great! They changed the race to a run 3 miles- bike 12 miles- run 3 miles. The race was great and Jer finished 4th in his age group! These guys are the man!!

Here is Allyn looking so great starting out the race!

Jeremy at his transition to his bike. He is so fast!

Allyn at his bike transition. He is ready to ride!

Jeremy Finished with the race!

Allyn finishing the race with cute baby Kaleb in his hands!! So fun!

End of the race- and they look ready to race again!

22 weeks- and wearing pregnancy clothes

Well I am totally in the awkward phase. I don't fit super well into my normal clothes and pregancy clothes are a little bit to big. But this was the first day I actually wore a pregancy shirt all day long! Yahoo. Thanks Lainie for letting me borrow them! I have not worn any more clothes since then, but we will get there.