Wednesday, August 18, 2010

July 4th and Tie Dye

So a tradition we have created, is to make Fourth of July shirts each year. This year we got to make them with my fam and of course my mother had the brilliant idea to tie dye them. It was so much fun making them and they turned out so fun!!
The night ended with sparklers and fun! I love the fourth of July!

New Hair?!

So my heart was ready to break as Livvy's hair started to get longer and longer, and now her hair is too long to do the cute curl on top of her head with the head band. So we decided to try something different. Piggy Tails! I think she is still awfully cute!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our First Family Vacation- Nauvoo

The Nauvoo Temple, more beautiful than words can describe. The spirit in Nauvoo is so strong! We had a blast!
Jer made a rope just like the pioneers did and gave it to Liv
Liv NEVER falls asleep in a stroller- unless you are in Nauvoo. She was a trooper!
The fam at Carthage
This is the Sunset over the Mississippi
We went on a carriage ride through Nauvoo, it was so fun!

Liv had a blast on the carriage ride!
We loved our trip, I think that Nauvoo is definitely a place that needs to be visited at least once in your lifetime! All the missionaries are so fun and we learned so much!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Gorgeous Easter Dress

The Easter Bunny brought me my pretty dress before General Conference, so that I could wear it to church the week before Easter. I loved it!!

Can you say a little bit messy??

This is ONLY what happens one minute before you walk out the door, and you think- oh we should check Liv's diaper before we leave. And that is with the diaper still on!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Zoo with Nana Frana, Papa, and Lando!!

Welcome to the Henry Doorly Zoo- One of the top ten zoo's in the nation! (I think)
Creepy Cool Octopus!!
All of us being gorillas!
Baby monkey with his mommy
Baby Tapir- I know you have never heard of this animal before, but if you come to Nebraska to visit us- we will take you to see it!!
In the Desert Dome
In the jungle!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ever heard of the Incredibles- well basically that's us!

Honestly you can't tell me that this doesn't work for our Super Hero Attire! Jer is Super Study Man, Liv is Cute Cuddly Bug, and I am Lovin' Life Mommy.
*I like how people tell us about what children are doing, so this is what Liv can do now at 5 1/2 months.
** She rolls from tummy to back- so much fun!
** Is eating Sweet Potatoes that we started feeding her on Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's to her right?!?
** So close to sitting up all on her own
** Loves any toys that you will give her to play with
** Has the funniest high pitched scream that she does when she is happy
** Laughs- oh and it is the best feeling to be the one to make her laugh!
** Is starting to teeth- we only lost about 4 nights of good sleep and she is pretty much back to sleeping through the night. So I can't complain.
** Snuggles with mom and dad!!
Basically she is so fun and we couldn't ask for a better baby!!