Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ever heard of the Incredibles- well basically that's us!

Honestly you can't tell me that this doesn't work for our Super Hero Attire! Jer is Super Study Man, Liv is Cute Cuddly Bug, and I am Lovin' Life Mommy.
*I like how people tell us about what children are doing, so this is what Liv can do now at 5 1/2 months.
** She rolls from tummy to back- so much fun!
** Is eating Sweet Potatoes that we started feeding her on Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's to her right?!?
** So close to sitting up all on her own
** Loves any toys that you will give her to play with
** Has the funniest high pitched scream that she does when she is happy
** Laughs- oh and it is the best feeling to be the one to make her laugh!
** Is starting to teeth- we only lost about 4 nights of good sleep and she is pretty much back to sleeping through the night. So I can't complain.
** Snuggles with mom and dad!!
Basically she is so fun and we couldn't ask for a better baby!!


Chantel and Brian said...

She is doing awesome! You guys are such a cute family. hope all is well with Jeremy's school.

Debbie 'n Gary Talbot said...

so fun! you guys look so great. congrats on her new milestones! i'm excited for Jake to start doing fun things like this!

the mos said...

You guys are so cute! Oh btw this is Kellie (used to be Hubbard.) Hope you guys are doing great! It sure sounds like it.

Cody & Lainie said...

Oh so fun! I love seeing new pics! She is getting so big! That's a great picture of the 3 of you! Shari, you look awesome- are you sure you had a baby 5 1/2 months ago? By the way I taught Gavin how to say "Livy" so now when he points to her pictures on the fridge he smiles and either says "baby" or "Livy"- I sense love brewing even with their long distance relationship :o)

P.S. can you tell Nathan and Karen I want to be invited to their blog?

The Hatch's said...

Shari she is so cute! Congrats! :)

Colleen said...

What a cutie! It looks like all is well in Nebraska. We miss you!

Matt and Marci said...

You guys really are like the incredible family! You guys look so happy, in love, and better than ever! I miss you guys!

P.S. cousin Phil says to tell you hello and good luck surviving the weather in Nebraska!

The Hills Family said...

You guys are the cutest family ever! I just love looking at your photos! I hope all is going well!

Maria said...

Oh she's just growing so fast! Precious precious precious! It's so fun to enjoy the little milestones- what a wonderful family!